Crypto sharding

crypto sharding

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Provers can then evaluate the polynomial at the same points and pass the shardnig on locations wrapped in a cryptographic being posted to Ethereum.

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Sharding at Near Protocol Min Zhang
Sharding is a data management technique that can potentially allow Ethereum to handle up to TPS. Sharding comes from the world of traditional databases and involves splitting up a large database into more manageable units for easier access to information. Pedro looks into the most promising projects using sharding, such as Ethereum, NEAR, Polkadot and Zilliqa. Sharding is a key development for scalability.
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Instead, only nodes on a blockchain shard will have to validate the transactions taking place on that specific shard. The Ethereum sharding upgrade will split the Ethereum blockchain into 64 shard chains. The question of safety has emerged as one of the most significant problems associated with the procedure.